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#advancedmixology #advancedmixologycourse

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#mixology- 45.71%

#imbibegram- 48.57%

#drink- 45.71%

#imbibe- 54.29%

#cocktails- 22.86%

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2 842

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APRICOT SOUR BECAUSE SNOW IS ON THE WAY AND I WANT IT TO BE SPRING ALREADY: So I'm in NEED of warmer weather, longer days, and just generally no more winter blahs. So I've got a fun twist on a whiskey sour with some apricot liqueur, honey-ginger syrup, lemon and your favorite whiskey, of course. I also want to share these beautiful #gifted Alice in Wonderland glasses from @greenlinegoods they are perfect for a whiskey sour or Old Fashioned, and I purposefully chose a sour so you could see the beautiful designs on them. They will make fabulous gifts for your literary friends. I've got a discount code for you, too, for 15% off your order: COCKTAILCONTESSA15 But back to the cocktail, I used my method of wet shake, then 20 seconds with an electric latte whisk to build that gorgeous foam. Do you think I went overboard with it? This sour has ginger-infused honey syrup in it that's got a touch of bite to it but is delicious and quick to make. The combination of apricot, honey, ginger, and whiskey is absolutely delightful and refreshing, even if it still gets dark at 5:30. Apricot in the Act - An Apricot Whiskey Sour 1.5 oz bourbon or whisky (I used @ElijahCraig Small Batch) 1 oz apricot liqueur (I used @Giffardusa Abricot du Rousillon) 1 oz lemon juice 3/4 oz ginger-infused honey syrup 2 dashes @hellabitters ginger bitters 1 eqq white/aquafaba (optional) Garnish: mint leaf, dried apricot, apricot preserves on rim Put a small swipe of apricot preserves on the rim of the rocks glass and set aside. Combine ingredients in a shaking tin, fill with ice and shake for 10-12 seconds. Strain into a chilled mixing glass and whip with an electric latte whiskey for 20 seconds. Pour into the rocks glass filled with ice or one large ice cube. Garnish. #cocktailcontessa #bourbonismycomfortfood #whiskeysour #greenlinegoods #whiskeycocktail #bourbonwomen #whiskeygeek #bourboncocktail #cocktailoftheday #homebartender #mixologist #mixology #bartending #bourbonlover #bourbongeek #luxury #feedfeed #tw50bc #barprints #advancedmixology #cocktaillover #cocktailoftheday #bestcocktails

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HOW TO PICK A WHISKEY FOR A COCKTAIL: If you've been here a while you know I'm a whiskey fiend. I'm curious how you mixology geeks go about picking a base spirit. Here's my process: First I started with what I wanted - a Manhattan - something easy and elegant. I have coffee-infused vermouth, so I started with that, and reached for Foro Amaro - my favorite amaro.  With those two, for bitters next!  Black currant bitters - I like the idea of currant jelly and coffee together: breakfast. To pick a whiskey, I opening bottles of whiskey and smell them. I kept in mind that I've got coffee, amaro, and bitter jam flavors already. First Knob Creek, but it had a lot of oak and char in it. Then Early Times, but it had more citrus than I wanted. When I'm matching, I take the ingredients and smell them together. The one that matched best was jammy and has dried fruit notes: @wildernesstraildistillery high rye bottled and bond.  I chose wisely.  Ease and Elegance 2 oz @wildernesstraildistillery bourbon 1/2 oz coffee-infused sweet vermouth 1/2 oz Foro Amaro (coffee and chocolate notes, not herbal) 3 dashes black currant bitters (or any jammy bitters) Garnish: coffee beans and orange (no fresh currants) Method: stir/strain/up #cocktailcontessa #bourbonismycomfortfood #manhattancocktail #whiskeycocktail #bourbonwomen #whiskeygeek #bourboncocktail #cocktailoftheday #homebartender #mixologist #mixology #bartending #bourbonlover #bourbongeek #luxury #feedfeed #tw50bc #barprints #advancedmixology #cocktaillover #cocktailoftheday

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PX-OF A FRIDAY CHEAT: I wanted something tasty and easy, and Lustau PX was dripping with dried fruit notes, so: today's OF. If you missed me, I spent last weekend in NOLA with girlfriends I hadn't seen since 2004. We had a blast, ate great food, drank tasty cocktails and basically caught up on each other's lives for the last 18 years. Heaven! I had work to do with projects this week, but I had to keep to my 1 reel a week goal for 2022. Many whiskies are aged in sherry barrels for good reason. Dried fruit and nutty notes soak into the whiskey. They soften it and make it more complex - easier to drink and more fun to dissect. Adding sherry to an Old Fashioned is a no-brainer. I added a touch of @bourbonbarrelfoods Bourbon Barrel Smoked Brown Sugar syrup, too! It's a riff on a cocktail I discovered on bourbon, cream sherry and chocolate bitters served up. They called it Tootsie roll. I like mine better. PXOF 2 oz bourbon 1/2 oz @lustau PX Sherry 2 dashes @thebittertruthcompany chocolate bitters Garnish: orange peel and cherry Method: stir/strain/garnish/sip #oldfashioned #cocktailcontessa #oldfashionedcocktail #bourboncocktail #whiskeycocktail #bourbonismycomfortfood #cocktaillover #bartender #homebartender #cocktailsathome #cocktailvideo #whiskeydrinks #sherrycocktail #bitters #bourbonbarrelfoods #bestcocktails #tw50bc #feedfeed #advancedmixology #cocktailrecipe #whiskeylover #bourbonwomen #womeninwhiskey

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