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Book Review The Paris Apartment ️ Lucy Foley @lucyfoleyauthor The Paris Apartment is Lucy Foley’s best work so far. Fans of The Hunting Party and The Guest List will appreciate the familiarity of her “locked room” #thriller but readers who are looking for more character development than in her previous novels will be pleasantly surprised, I think. Jess is a young woman with a troubled past. In her attempt to start a new life and escape potential consequences for a petty crime committed in her exit, Jess reaches out to her brother, Ben, in need of a place to stay. Ben is a journalist in search of his big break. His current assignments doing restaurant reviews and “fluff” pieces just aren’t cutting it. After reconnecting with his teenage friend, Nick, Ben stumbles onto a story that could change his life- if it doesn’t cost him it first. Jess arrives at Ben’s apartment to find it empty and despite repeated attempts, she is unable to contact him. The apartment building that he is staying in is inhabited by a cast of strange and untrustworthy residents. As Jess begins her search for Ben, she stumbles onto the story that Ben was working on and that may ultimately have caused his disappearance. Can Jess find Ben before the characters in his story silence him and their history for good? This was a 3.5 star read for me but I rounded it up to 4 because I enjoyed the pace and bizarre twists. I finished it within hours and the short chapters and multiple points of view helped to keep the novel’s fast pace. The ending was a little far-fetched and unsatisfying. All considered, it was an entertaining thriller. I received an advance reader’s copy of this novel as part of a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review. @goodreads @harpercollins #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #advancereaderscopy #bookreviews #bookrecommendations #bookphotography #crimewithaclaw #theparisapartment #bookdragon #booknerd #bibliophile #bookphotography #booksofinstagram #readersofinstagram #booksofig #readersofig #comingsoon #readmorebooks #womenwhoread #womenauthors #currentlyreading #bloodisthickerthanwater #family

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Mi sto preparando da giorni all’appuntamento dì domani pomeriggio alle 19. Il nostro adorato #wcookbookclub. Ci sarà profumo dì canditi, dì vaniglia, dì pesche sciroppate. Ci tufferemo nelle pagine dì Eliza Acton, nella sua straordinaria vita, nella sua cucina. Segnatevi domande e commenti. Io, non vedo l’ora! La foto dì apertura è tratta dallo splendido Pride and Pudding di @missfoodwise #womencookbookclub #women #reading #womenauthors #writer #story

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Quick Friday intro. My husband Christopher and I have spent our entire 31-year marriage supporting men and women who desire more healing, hope, and joy. We've done this through long-term programs, premarital and marriage groups, workshops, retreats, and through our writing. Some might accuse us of being naive but we actually believe that having a relationship with Jesus can (and should!) transform the whole of who we are. We believe that healing is possible. We believe that people and communities can be transformed. We believe in the power of hope and the centrality of the cross. We believe in being honest and not pretending. We believe we can be simultaneously broken and beautiful. If you're curious what that really looks like, read one of my marriage books (Making Marriage Beautiful or Marriage in the Middle) or head over to Substack and find some of my articles (under, What's Faith Got to Do with It?). The Kindle versions of both books are on sale at Amazon for a ridiculously low price. I'll happily give away 5 copies (US residents only and as long as the sale continues!) if you share this post or tag 2 friends (then just msg me with your email). Got questions? Msg me here or email me through my website: I'd love to hear from you. Happy Friday. #womenauthors #marriage #faith #christianity #marriagehelp #strongmarriage #relationshiphelp #marriagequotes #relationshipquotes #love #commitment #relationshipcoach #marriagegoals #marriedlife

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Romance Stack I read most of these over the last couple months and loved them all. These are the ones where I own the physical copy, if I included the ebooks, the stack would be a MUCH taller. Birthday Girl is an older read but I've been wanting to reread it for a while, I think now is the time! What is a recent romance read that you loved? #Bookstagram #nostressbookclub #Bookstack #booksbooksbooks #romance #romancereader #valentines #valentinebookstack #romancestack #bookblog #books #reader #booksofinstagram #womenauthors #goodreads

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This reader shared that Marriage in the Middle helped her think about how to navigate the next chapter of her life. More specifically, the importance of honest confession, how to deeply connect with her spouse, why couples need to be part of a community, and how serving together can bring healing and hope. Both of my marriage books are fiercely honest and incredibly hopeful. You won’t find any cliches or quick fixes. If you’ve never read a marriage book that’s genuinely encouraged you, please consider reading one of mine. The Kindle version of Marriage in the Middle is on sale at @amazon for only $3.99. #womenauthors #marriage #midlife @ivpress @redbudwriters

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Guess whose book is featured in International Women’s Day? #repost Women's Day Giveaway We at Hay House India are proud of our women authors and we will try our best to make sure that you get to read more by these beautiful humans! We are giving away 3 books to 3 lucky winners! To win this giveaway: Follow us @hayhouseindia Tell us in the comments what women empowerment means to you. Tag anyone you think would be interested in this giveaway. (Multiple entries allowed) Share it on your stories and tag us. (Entries valid only when tagged) The winner will be announced on 14th March 2022. . . . . . . . #hayhouseindia #hayhouse #bookblogger #publishinghouse #bookstagram #giveaway #weekendgiveaway #bookgiveaway #booksbooksbooks #giveaway #womansday #womensday #womenauthors #femaleauthors #readmorewomen #womenwriters #womenempowerment #womenempoweringwomen #equality #love #giveaway #megagiveaway

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If you tend to not like marriage books because they're formulaic, enforce rigid gender stereotypes, or avoid addressing difficult topics, I'd like to encourage you to read one of my books. They're honest, vulnerable, practical, hopeful, and do not default to quick fixes. I also include interviews with couples from many different backgrounds. You can find out more information on both books on my website,, or by going to Amazon. #womenauthors #married #marriagelessons #marriages #marriagehelp #strongmarriage @ivpress @redbudwriters thanks @soniamedeirosandreson1

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A few months back, a popular advice columnist wrote what became a viral post with the subtitle, Do I Hate My Husband? And the answer was yes. Hate is a strong word. And a stronger feeling. When our sons were young, we forbade them from saying I hate you to their brothers—or anyone else. They didn’t understand that what they were feeling wasn’t actually hate. They were angry or frustrated and hate was the most forceful, impactful word they knew. The road to hatred is well paved and straight as an arrow. All we have to do is put one foot in front of the other and keep moving. In fact, traversing this route is so effortless that we can mindlessly walk and scroll, walk and text, walk and watch rom-coms that feature perfect lovers. There’s very little friction as we move away from the kind of unconditional love we promised on our wedding day. We inch toward hatred by placing offenses on a shelf, in full view, and ruminating on them when bored, tired, or testy. We move toward hatred when we bring a laser-like focus to our spouse’s most annoying habits (which, for said author, seem to be throat clearing and dowdy clothing) and conclude that we are somehow morally superior because our most irritating habits are obviously less irritating than our mate’s. Give hate an inch and it will gradually take your life. Head over to Substack and put, What's Faith Got to Do with It? in the search bar to read the rest of this essay. #womenauthors #married #marriagelessons #marriages #marriagehelp #strongmarriage #relationshiphelp #marriagequotes #relationshipquotes #love #commitment #relationshipcoach #marriagegoals #marriedlife #marriageadvice #Christianmarriage #couple #marriagecounseling #healthyrelationships #healthymarriage @redbudwriters @PelicanProj @substackinc

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Make your good marriage better. Tired of marriage books that offer cliches or extra-biblical advice on how to please your husband? Marriage in the Middle is fiercely honest, incredibly practical, and genuinely hopeful. It includes interviews with diverse couples and insightful questions to help you and your spouse go deeper. The Kindle version is currently on sale at Amazon for only $3.99. #womenauthors #marriage #covenant #Christianmarriage @redbudwriters @pelicanproj @ivpress

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