How to Easily Find Banned Hashtags on Instagram – Quick Fix To Avoid Shadowban

How do you find banned hashtags on Instagram?

How to find banned hashtags on Instagram? What’s the quickest way to remove them from your profile? Actually… You need one tool, a few seconds of your time and the job is done. 

In this article, I’ll explain why banned hashtags harm your Instagram growth, and how to use IQ Hashtags to never find yourself on Instagram’s blacklist because of them. Ready to fix your hashtags? Alright then, let’s dive in!

Instagram Guide how to grow on instagram 2021

Instagram Guide how to grow on instagram 2021

How to view banned hashtags on Instagram? Is there any free banned hashtags checker?

Yes! Today we’re going to discuss the tool with most up-to-date results – IQ Hashtags. Let’s look at how intuitive it is, and talk about the way it works. 

Our hashtags are now divided into two separate sections with Correct Hashtags, highlighted in green – they are obviously good to go and red Banned Hashtags – which are useless and won’t do any good to your post.

The cool thing is that after you review all of your hashtags, you don’t need to manually enter each of them in your new Instagram post, you can simply copy the entire set of Correct Hashtags and paste them in.

Let’s keep in mind that we can finally post to Instagram from the desktop, so you don’t even need to switch between devices. All can be done literally within a couple of clicks. 

How to find banned hashtags in your older posts?

Now, you have probably wondered how to find banned hashtags in the posts you’ve published in the past. Of course, you can do this manually and scan through every single post in your profile, then check each hashtag separately, but who’s got time for that? 

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Thankfully, instead of this tiresome process you can quickly find and get rid of banned hashtags from your IQ Hashtags profile. 

To do that you need to go to Profile Analysis Tab and check your Hashtags information. 

This section presents the total number of your hashtags, the number of unique hashtags and the number of banned hashtags in your profile.

Click view to enter the screen with the list of banned hashtags. If you’re using the Free version of IQ Hashtags you can test this feature, track down  and remove one banned hashtag from your Instagram account. In this case we see a hashtag #boho, it doesn’t look harmful at all but it is banned on the platform, so you can see for yourself how easy it is to faHashtags categorize your content and help you get discovered on Instagram. That’s why you need to know that some of them don’t work, and can do the complete opposite – get your account flagged, disabled or in the best case scenario kill your reach and discoverability on the platform. Banned hashtags are recognised by Instagram as spam that violates Instagram’s community guidelines. When used in the post, they will prevent it from reaching the explore page, which means that it will not be shown to Instagram users who aren’t following you.

While some of them are obvious, because they promote inappropriate content with violence, abuse or nudity. There’s a long list that changes daily with banned hashtags that look completely innocent. And we talk about things like: #elevator #brain or #beautyblogger. 

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Avoiding and getting rid of banned hashtags in your profile is the first step to clean up your account, avoid the dreaded „shadowban” and get on the right track with your hashtag strategy. 

You don’t need to scroll through every single one of your posts to find banned hashtags. All you need is the tool, and a few seconds to make your past and new content discoverable again.

How to check banned hashtags before posting?

We’re going to use the desktop version of the tool. You can of course use IQ Hashtags on your mobile device as well. I’ve decided to share a big screen with you guys, so everything looks a bit bigger and clearer.

First, I’d like to show you how you can review your hashtags before you add them to your new post, to make sure none of them is banned. 

You’ll need to use our Banned Hashtags checker available in IQ Hashtags free Plan, so you can start using it right away.

The process is super simple, you can enter your hashtags one by one, and separate them with spaces or commas, just like this, or simply copy and paste a collection of hashtags that you prepared earlier on. Hashtag collections feature is an absolute game changer in terms of categorising and saving your best performing hashtags (this feature is also available in IQ Hashtags Free Plan).

I’m going to go to Hashtag  Collections, copy a pre-saved set of hashtags to save even more time, and paste them into the Banned Hashtags checker. Make sure to tick the Real time check box for mll into this trap. Here’s the date and time when the post was published, and a media link or alternatively a comment link if the hashtag was placed in the comment section, that transfers you to the Instagram post, where you’ve used a banned hashtag. 

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banned hashtas for free check

Let’s click on it, and find this little bugger. Ok, it is hiding right here – so of course to remove it, you’ll need to edit the post. Sadly you can’t edit a post from a desktop, tell us why Instagram. So you’ll need to use your phone to do it. Go to your post, click the 3 dot menu, go to edit and remove your banned hashtag.

And we’re done. 

You’ll need to go through all of the links to remove all the banned hashtags, and finally make your content and your profile discoverable again. 

Instagram Guide how to grow on instagram 2021

Let me know in the comments what you think about the Banned Hashtags checker, or drop any of the questions you have about this feature or IQ Hashtags tool in general. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do it completely for FREE on IQ, and enjoy all the features available in the Free Plan – like banned hashtags checker, or hashtag collections.

Enjoy tidying up your Instagram profile and I’ll see you in the next one!