4 Secret Resources to Find Trending Songs for Your Instagram Reels

Instagram trends don’t just happen inside of the platform. If you want to find new trending songs and audios that will help you skyrocket your Instagram growth, it’s time to look outside and trust experts tracking Instagram trends almost full-time. It’s fascinating – some of the new songs REALLy do have the magical power to boost your organic reach and give you thousands of views overnight.

I know that there’s where important questions pop up on the road to higher reach and more followers: Which songs are trending on Instagram right now, and where do I find them? Should I rely only on the trending Reels audios inside the app? Should I look elsewhere? Which sources can be trusted? I know many of you are tired of clickbaits and Instagram gurus sharing their trending sounds, that ultimately turn out to be not so great. That’s why today I’ll share my four favorite sources of Instagram trending songs that are the most trustworthy and up-to-date ones. And trust me, I’ve tried SO MANY! And as we don’t gatekeep here, I will tell you which ones are worth your attention.

Which Songs are Trending on Instagram, and Where do I Find Them?

The truth is that it’s really worth it to have to look outside Instagram. You may think the in-app trending audio label will tell you everything you need to know and you’ll find all the new trending songs using this method, but well… It’s good to have a few sources. The best-trending songs for Instagram (especially for Instagram Reels) are all over the internet, and the more good places you look, the more exciting discoveries you’ll find!

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Are you ready to uncover four reliable places to search for trending songs? Let’s go!

How Do You Find the Trending Song for Your Instagram Reels?

1. @creators – profile created by Instagram itself

If you want to find good songs in-app, go to @creators account on the platform – this is a creators’ community created by Instagram itself. They share many insights, and among them you can also find trending-songs reports. Some of them are really inspiring. I wouldn’t rely on this profile too much, as the trending songs reports aren’t shared regularly, but it’s worth it to take a look at their posts once in a while. Here we go with a list of other resources which are even more helpful because they’re updated daily, and with them, you’ll always keep up with the latest tendencies and new trending songs.

2. Trending-songs Platform – My Favourite Platform with Up-to-date List of Trending Audios 

This is definitely my favorite resource and my top new trending songs list – it’s like the go-to platform to check which songs are really hot on the platform right now. I don’t know about you, but I really love it when someone develops a platform which is updated on a daily basis, plus is extremely user-friendly, so you can check all the details and go to the particular song with the direct link. It saves so much time. That way you can easily stay on top of trending sounds and trending songs on Reels for your profile.

3. Spotify Playlists 

Yes, Spotify also joins the game to inspire you to boost your Reels’ performance. Check out most popular playlists to discover new trending songs and track which ones are getting hot. My pro tip? Choose your type, and then check out if the song you want to use is also trending on the Trending-Songs list. That way, you can double-check if the particular song is really catching the wave. 

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4. Find Hot Songs on TikTok

The second platform – Tiktok – is also where so many trends are born. If you want to know what songs are trending right now (because let’s face the truth – they will eventually trend on Instagram as well), it makes sense to scroll through the trending Tiktoks. You can also track trending Tiktoks in the TikTok Creative Center. Sometimes, these songs trend on TikTok and Instagram at the same time, but often they trend on Reels a few days or even whole months after they start to trend on TikTok.