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Do you struggle to grow your following and get noticed by new people?

That’s why we’ve built DisplayPurposes. The most intuitive platform with all the analytics and research solutions you need to grow your Instagram audience efficiently and start attracting the right followers.

Ever wondered how to find and track high-performing hashtags for your niche?

We’ve got you covered. Use our advanced Hashtag Search and Hashtag Performance Tracker to identify the best hashtags, understand how they are performing, and see which ones are helping your content get to the Top Posts sections.

Do you have a hard time posting consistently? Want to know if your content strategy is working?

Discover the secret to exponential growth on Instagram. With our in-depth analytics, AI-Powered Assistant, idea and caption generator, you can finally make high-performing content your superpower.

What’s included

AI Assistant

Transform your initial idea into personalized content concepts and comprehensive post outlines in one magical click.

Now the only hard part is deciding which one to use! Our super-smart AI Assistant is powered by the most advanced artificial intelligence, and it’s designed to deliver advanced human-like ideas, so it will become your best writing partner and brainstorming buddy. Get fresh inspiration, and beat the creative block once and for all! 

Now you can keep a steady stream of gorgeous ideas for new posts at your fingertips. We’ll help you stay consistent and create content that is going to engage and delight your target audience.

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Instagram Captions

Generate winning captions for every niche and fill your content calendar quicker than ever before.

Give our generator a prompt, and it will give you great captions using proven copywriting formulas. It’s like having your personal copywriter with you every second of the day.

Or, actually, even better. It’s like having your own creative content team by your side whenever you need it. 

Reels Metrics

Reliable, easy-to-read metrics at your fingertips.

Track your reach and critical information to gain insights into high-performing Reels and level up your strategy.

Quickly gather and explore detailed data about each Reel to measure results and analyze your impact.

Understand how your Reels are performing today to plan for tomorrow and skyrocket your video content!

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Hashtag Performance

Measure your Instagram efforts to create better-performing content.

Identify high-performing hashtags to double down on what works best for your profile.

Monitor your hashtag performance over time to identify which posts are performing well and which hashtags helped you rank high within the hashtag search result pages.

Hashtag Collections

Store your new hashtags, and organize them the way you like the most.

Use Hashtag Collections to save and curate your hashtag research results, and access your hashtag lists whenever you need them.

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In-Depth Profile Analysis

Track how your profile performs and grows over longer periods of time.

Because part of continuous growth is the ability to monitor what’s working! Compare follower growth and engagement metrics to see the bigger picture (yes, even if you’re not a “numbers” person).

Eliminate time-consuming manual analysis in favor of automated, presentation-ready charts.

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Followers Analysis

Maximize engagement by tracking the best time to post based on your audience’s behaviors.

Reach more people by posting when your followers are most likely to see and engage with your content.

Our smart tracker analyzes your unique audience and recommends the best time to post for the highest reach and best results.

Banned Hashtags Checker

Banned hashtags can seriously hinder the success of your Instagram profile.

What’s even worse, the platform has a habit of changing the banned hashtags list almost every day.  Good news!

With our banned Hashtags Checker, you can be 101% sure your posts aren’t in danger and all your hashtags are safe to use.

Plus, Display Purposes automatically flags banned hashtags and removes them from your Hashtag Collections.

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Take the guesswork out of your Instagram growth.

With Display Purposes, you will

Save time and optimize your content strategy

Overcome creative block

Track what’s working and what needs improvement with our in-depth analytics

Discover high-performing hashtags for your niche

Maximize your organic reach

Analyze which hashtags boost your profile’s discoverability and track their performance


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All-in-One Instagram Solution

Everything you need to optimize your Instagram performance.

Growing on Instagram has never been easier! Display Purposes is a leading Instagram tool
that provides world-class solutions and analytics. It will help you understand and reach
your target audience, engage your followers, and track your performance.

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