How to Find Trending Sounds for Your Reels?

how to find trending sounds audio for my reels instagram

Instagram has changed a lot in the past couple of months, and it’s getting more and more challenging to grow on the platform. Gone are the days when you could pop in twice a week, share your fancy selfie, and effortlessly attract new, engaged followers. Now we have to work MUCH HARDER for our ‘Gram traffic! If you want to learn more about how to grow your account this year, good news – head over to this comprehensive guide I’ve prepared lately. 

Alright, now that you have a thousand and one tabs open, let’s discuss researching trending sounds for your reels, so you can see REAL benefits from creating them much quicker. So if you want to grow, whether you’re just starting, have a massive community, or you stopped posting regularly, and you’re trying to bring your profile back to life, yup, YOU CAN DO IT WITH REELS.  

One of the most fun parts of using Instagram Reels is creating creative videos using trending music and sounds. But hey, how do people find them? Let’s solve this mystery. Today, we will discuss how to find which sounds are trending on Instagram Reels, so you can use them right away in your posts! So let’s jump right in, shall we?!

Instagram Guide how to grow on instagram 2021

Instagram Guide how to grow on instagram 2021

What songs are trending on reels?

Is It Really Worth It to Use Trendings Sounds? 

I will probably repeat myself, I know, I know, but it’s so important – as an aspiring creator, every post that you create needs to be well thought out. And yes, reels need to be treated the same. Creating them can be fun, but you don’t want to post them just for the sake of posting, right? Our goal is to make people stay.

Make your potential followers stay, and be interested in what you have to say and offer.

When you’re analyzing what kind of Reels you should create, pop over to Instagram and see what other creators from your niche are doing. Doing so will help you find the sweet spot – concepts for Reels that are fun and beneficial at the same time.

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If you’ve been following the DP blog for a long time, you can actually tell that sometimes I’m against trends. Why? I believe we don’t need empty views, and a vast reach that doesn’t convert. What about trendings Reels sounds, you may want to ask?! Here I go with the answer. I’ve been testing out using trending sounds on Reels, and so far, I’ve noticed more than a few benefits, so I decided to share them with you. There’s a method in this madness! 

  • They can help your Reels go viral. Using trending music and trending sounds is one of the most effective ways to gain traction on your new Reels on the ‘Gram. According to my friends’ and my clients’ experiences, content that is eye-catching and has a good hook will likely gain popularity in the given sound’ Explore Tab. 
  • They reduce the risk of your reels going unnoticed. The worst feeling ever: spend 3-4 hours polishing your Reel, and then have like 3 views. When we use trending sounds, we’re less likely to end up like this! Why? People browsing through the posts with the sounds you’ve used will watch your Reel, resulting in a higher number of views.

What songs are trending on reels?

Is It Better to Use Trending Music or Your Original Sounds?

One of my duties as someone who teaches other people Instagram growth and practical marketing tactics is to test out different ways of doing everything and try different strategies to analyze what works best. Yup, that’s what I do off-duty as well, haha. 

I used my new account for the experiment. When I posted a new Reel twice a week, every time with the trending sound as a background, or the central theme of my Reel, the engagement went up. Woah! Using regular sounds, I get about 30-40 likes. When I use trending sounds, my posts get between 50-200 likes and way, WAY more reach. So I would say – the trending sound research clearly pays off.

Nevertheless, some time ago, Adam Mosseri admitted that the tendencies for Reels are changing, and he encourages us to use our original sounds, as they may become the next big thing more easily. It was a loud update.

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So should we all stop creating Reels with existing trending music and try to come up with our original sounds? Definitely not. Trending sounds are still an excellent method to grow. I think the best solution is to use both options – use some trending sounds and then create your own audio, to make people more familiar with your voice.

Actually, the key to successful Reels is that you need to remember who you’re trying to attract – and keep your target audience in mind all the time! If you’re a fitness coach trying to sell new diet plans, you shouldn’t make a Reel about “how to become a fitness coach” with a trending sound, because only other aspiring fitness coaches would get that. What to do instead? Get into the mind of your ideal client, and try to come up with something that most likely resonates with them. With trending sounds, or with your own audio  from time to time – it’s up to you.

trending songs on instagram reels today

What Are Trending Sounds? How Do You Know if a Sound Is Trending? 

Back to the trending sounds! Before we get to the nitty-gritty: a quick explainer what a trending sound really is. Instagram music and sounds section rely on sounds uploaded by all the users and artists. These are often remixes, samples, mash-ups of popular songs, or lines from famous TV series and reality shows.

Trending sound leads to many people re-creating the first Reel with this given sound. It’s like the snowball effect. People hear the song or voiceover and feel the urge to use it too. I couldn’t find the official insight on how many reusing an audio should have to be considered “trending”, but I believe it’s more about the speed, than the actual number.

how to find trending sounds on instagram

Can You Search Reel Trending Sounds on Instagram? How to Find Current Trends?

If you are like me, finding a way to do something more quickly and efficiently is always welcome! So let’s go, here’s the list of my methods to find the best trending sounds for your Reels. 

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Browse through hashtags like #reelstrending or #trendingsounds. The first good way to find trending sounds you can use on YOUR Instagram Reels is to actually look for them using these two hashtags. Many creators share their discoveries, so it’s a great source of inspiration. 

Observe what’s happening on Tiktok. In my experience using and analyzing Tiktok’s tendencies helps you a lot. Why? Many sounds that are showing up and trending on Tiktok, become popular on Instagram within a few days. Tiktok leads the way – whether Adam Mosseri wants it or not! To be ahead of the research game, analyze “trending sounds” on Tiktok (there’s a discovery page!), or follow Instagram creators who break new trends and share their TikTok discoveries. 

Follow your competitors. Scroll your feed! Checking out competitors’ profiles is very often the most practical way to find trending music that is a good fit for your niche. If you find a concept you like, save it without hesitation!

Visit Trending-Sounds website – we totally love this platform as it allows us to keep up with all the new trending audios. Plus, it’s the most trust-worthy source we’ve found – it’s updated regularly and it’s such a huge help to save time during the Reels songs research. 

Bonus tip: if you’re scrolling through your Explore Page and the same sound comes up four times – it’s a clear sign, it’s probably trending! 

trending reels songs this week

Instagram weekly insights. Take advice from Instagram itself. They release a report with trending sounds EVERY WEEK! Every report includes a roundup of the trending content from the past week: sounds, music, effects, hashtags, and challenges. These reports sometimes also highlight a creator’s account.

Search trending sounds manually. Look at your ‘Explore Page‘. It can become your gold mine. Instagram shows you content based on your previous activity on the app – the Reels that pop up here are very often created by the leading creators, who have already done trending music research for this week!

Instagram Guide how to grow on instagram 2021

I hope these tips help you research new trending audios! Let me know how they work on your own Instagram profile 🙂