Hashtag Performance – how to find the best hashtags on Instagram?

hashtag performance - how to find the best hashtags on instagram


The topic of hashtags seems endless.

Various theories and methods of the selection and different strategies based on hashtags’ statistics.

They all have one thing in common – They require time and specific knowledge.



This article aims to be the answer to some key questions about hashtags and at the same time present you the most effective solution to the following problems:

  • Which hashtags attract the most views to your posts?
  • Which hashtags are best for your profile and photos?
  • How do you determine the correct hashtag size for your profile?


Let’s start from the very beginning…


Hashtags effectiveness – How to find the best hashtags?


History remembers a very short time when Instagram used to present information about reach generated by particular hashtag in Instagram insights statistics panel.

We were able to see the top 5 hashtags, i.e. the ones that generate the most views of content.


reach from specific hashtags



Unfortunately only a handful of users received the test solution, and even they were deprived of this option quite quickly.

Due to the fact that the data is now hidden by Instagram, it seems almost impossible to track information about which hashtag brings the most of the reach to your account…





It’s not possible to find out exact reach delivered by one, particular hashtag from the list of hashtags you placed under the photo.

But it is still possible to find out which of them delivered most of the result.


How to do it?


The solution to this problem was developed by IQhashtags in the form of a dedicated functionality – Hashtag Performance.


iq hashtags 2 0 hashtag performance



How does it work?


To introduce you to the methodology we need to start from the very beginning and explain what drives hashtag reach.

Any time user enter the hashtag and opens its site he will see the most popular photos for the given hashtag.


top nine on instagram view


They will be presented on the grid of 9 to 12 best posts for the given hashtag.

They are located above the so-called “above the fold line”, which is the place that is visible to everyone without scrolling the page.


top nine on instagram view


The very similar set of hashtags will be seen by every Instagram user who decides to browse the content under the given hashtag.

At this point, the user can decide what to do next: scroll down and browse the most popular photos, go to the most recent or simply leave the page

However, the TOP9 is the place that gathers the most of the attention and it’s your goal is to hit up to the top 9 with as many posts and hashtags as possible.

That’s also what you should track and use as reference for the future posts if you succeed.


Hashtag Performance — IQhashtags


IQhashtags collects that data and present it to you in accessible and easy to use way.

It monitors the position of your photo for each hashtag that you used and whenever it appeared in the TOP9 you will have this information assigned and collected.

Blue star near to the hashtag shows hashtagthat drove the highest reach and hit your photo to the Top 9!


iq hashtags 2 0 hashtag performance


These are the best hashtags you have used, they effectively drove the reach, and they are responsible for the main part of the total reach generated by the post.

That’s the very valuable information as it allows you to drive individual conclusions for further posting.


iq hashtags 2 0 hashtag performance


It lets you know what hashtag size fits your account best.

All you have to do now is to choose the smallest and largest hashtag from the marked hashtags list – i.e. those marked with a green marker:-)

This is the range (hashtag sizes) you should use once searching for the new hashtags – for example in IQhashtags Hashtags Search tab.


iq hashtags 2 0 search tab


iq hashtags 2 0 hashtag search iq hashtags 2 0 hashtag search





Determining the right hashtags is not difficult, but it requires work time and patience.

However, with IQhashtags, and its Hashtag Performance tab its much more easy, far more effective and less time-consuming.

It automatically analyzes the positions of your photos and determines the hashtags that worked best for you.

Allows you to find the hashtag size range perfectly fitting your account.

The sweet spot where the competition isn’t very high but still the interest is big enough to attract new likes and followers.

Of course, you must continue to follow the key rule for choosing the hashtags.

It must be related to the subject of your visual content and keep on delivering high quality content!

Good luck and keep on great work!