Instagram name matters. How to choose the best username? | #3 Instagram Audit

#3 Instagram Name Instagram Audit


Instagram name matters.




Look to the future and make sure that your name is easy to remember for other people.


It shouldn’t cause problems while typing in the search engine.


In addition, people recommending you should not break their tongue while speaking it and spend a few minutes spelling your nickname to others.


Also, avoid names that are very long and contain number strings.


On the other hand, you shouldn’t look like a fake account and not inspire trust among new recipients.


Do you remember about Google?


Did you know that social networking profiles also appear on Google?


search instagram name



Maybe you should think about how users get to you and bring some consistency in the names of all your social media?



Instagram search engine works a bit like Google search.



Website users do not only use hashtags and locations to find content that interests them.


They also do not always receive enough instructions from other people.


Sometimes they use basic keywords and phrases to find profiles that specialize in a particular topic.


The search engine responds to the profile’s nickname and name field.


google search instagram name


Look at the attached screenshot of the search on Instagram.


Upon entering the keyword “diy” a profile appears that absolutely does not contain this phrase.


However, it contains the profile name, normally used to enter the user’s first and last name.


In addition, the whole description immediately indicates what you will find in the user’s profile.

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Instagram name matters. 


Is your nickname easy to remember?


Does your profile name tells others about you and your activities?


Can you add a password or phrase instead of your profile name that better describes your profile or interests?


Microseconds decide if someone opens your profile, if they even find it!


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