Instagram profile picture – tips for choosing the best profile picture on Instagram | #4 Instagram Audit

Instagram profile picture Instagram Audit

Instagram profile picture is what will associate you with followers in your stream, comments or when browsing the latest stories.


It must first of all stand out, attract attention and present something that defines you.



Creator profile picture


If you are a creator, it would be good for your photo to appear here.


It’s best to add a portrait photo of the face.


The profile picture is small, so close-up photos of the face are best if you want the recipient to have a chance to recognize what is in the picture.


What’s more, you’ll be sure that they will automatically associate your face with your work.


Creator profile picture instagram audit


Which profiles catch your attention first?


Brand profile picture


If you’re a brand, you definitely have a logo.


A clear logotype as profile picture will always be the best for the brand.


brand profile picture instagram audit


You immediately know who this profile belongs to, right?




Customize your profile picture to the nature of your business.


And remember.


The avatar must be legible.


Readability is also information about who owns the profile without having to open it.


Let it be clear to your potential followers.


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