Is it too late to start growing your Instagram in 2022?

Will Instagram be dead in 2022? Is it too late for Instagram career?

It goes without saying that 2021 has been the year a lot of us weren’t expecting – it’s brought so many surprises, new challenges, and Instagram updates, it’s almost unimaginable! Someone asked us the other day whether it’s still a good time to start growing your Instagram account in the current situation, and our answer to this was… Our first thought and the mantra we always deeply believe in: “Purpose and passion led Instagram profiles with a conscious content strategy will always have a place in the Instagram world”.

But we know it sounds a bit like Paulo Coelho’s quote, and it may not exclude your doubts! No wonder, we all prefer strong evidence and in-depth research. That’s exactly what we need to talk about today! From so many of our frank conversations with you (did we mention how much we love them?!), we know that this doubt is absurdly common. Is it really too late to take your Instagram growth more seriously? Believe us, we hear similar questions ALL THE TIME. But what’s absolutely crazy, and maybe even a bit amusing to us is that we’ve been hearing these questions for more than a few years. A GOOD FEW YEARS. One particular question that we are repeatedly asked, especially in December and January, and literally at the start of each year, is “please, tell me without beating around the bush, isn’t it too late to start growing my Instagram in (insert year)“? This question is becoming even more regularly raised as the years go by. In the last two months alone, we’ve got many comments and discussions with you about whether it isn’t too late to start growing on the ‘Gram in 2022. 

And now we know – there might be a little, low voice inside your head telling you from time to time that you’ve missed the boat. A mean voice that sounds so realistic and wise, you’re ready to believe it. It’s laughing in your face:

Come on, it’s too late to start growing your IG in 2022 because it has all been said and created before.

How could you stand out among the trillions of AMAZING profiles with awesome content already out there? 

Nobody will care about your posts, and the growth isn’t feasible anymore.

And guess what? These are perfectly normal concerns! SO MANY CREATORS HAVE THEM. You’re definitely not alone. We all face them from time to time. It’s certainly more challenging to stand out now than it was back in 2015 for example. But that ABSOLUTELY doesn’t mean it’s too late to start growing, hell no! In fact, we STRONGLY believe there’s never been a better time to be an Instagram creator. Despite all the challenges of 2021 (and holy moly, there were so many of them!), we have seen incredible growth from the creators and Instagram entrepreneurs we work with. It seems like ambitious content creators with good content strategies are growing more than ever. Intrigued? 

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So let’s elaborate on that and resolve all doubts! Today we’ll discuss:

  • Is it too late to start taking your Instagram growth more seriously in 2022? Did you miss your chance?
  • Is it still possible for you to create a career through Instagram?
  • Will Instagramming be dead in 2022?
  • How could you stand out among the millions of gorgeous Instagram profiles already out there?

If you’re reading this blog post, the chances are that you too have been thinking about taking your Instagram growth to the next level, but you’re a bit… Scared? Perhaps you’ve come across some Instagram creators who have built impressive online businesses, landed brand deals, and they’re living your dream life. Maybe you’re wondering if that kind of Instagram success could happen for you too? Is it still possible? Are you really able to achieve it? The first spoiler: it won’t be a walk in the park, but yup, it’s absolutely POSSIBLE. 


Instagram Guide how to grow on instagram 2021


Are there too many competitors already?

At the beginning of 2021, there were an estimated 1 billion active Instagram users out there. So yes, you might be right in thinking: wait, that it’s all been said before. So many times! But that’s not so crucial. One thing is even more sure, however! It hasn’t been said by… YOU. Your story-telling, perspective, experiences, absolutely unique point of view, story of your life, insights, aesthetic, and sense of humor: that’s why you are you, and no one ever can create your content as you can. So if you have something to share with the world (even if similar things have been shared millions of times already), share it! Someone out there definitely needs your voice and the posts you’re going to create. Actually, so many people might need them! 

Instagram is already full of mediocre content: but there’s always a space for more ambitious creators, creating with a purpose.

But this 1 billion might still scare you, right? With all of those people, yup, it can get a bit overwhelming. Especially when there are plenty of profiles with tailored feeds, gorgeous captions, and beautiful smiles… Wait, wait, that isn’t the way! Just stop comparing. We’re sure you have something THEY DON’T. So just post the content you love preparing. Have confidence that you are doing your best. Keep experimenting with new formats, keep trying new solutions, and – that’s the key – trust in the process.

Instagram growth opportunities have been replaced by what Tik Tok is bringing to the table.

That’s NOT TRUE. Although, sure thing, some brands allocate more budget for Tik Tok campaigns because they think it’s an up-and-coming platform. It’s their choice. But there are also a lot of brands who know that the lifespan of an Instagram post/reels is extremely longer than Tiktok’s format. A high-quality Instagram post or reels can continue earning views for days or even weeks to come! Also, Instagram offers many flexible formats, meaning there is more room for carousels, multiple photos, videos, text, and links all in one location that aren’t going to disappear so instantly. A good Instagram post is simply more discoverable than a Tiktok’s one! 

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More good news? It’s easier to get sponsors on Instagram than ever before. Things have REALLY changed in 2020 and 2021, and now many huge brands have nicely sized budgets set aside specifically for Instagram creators. Just saying! 

Authenticity is the most significant Instagram trend 

Let us tell you – showing your unique, authentic self is incredible for your Instagram’s growth. In times like these, followers turn to creators they feel they can trust, and having your smiling face, exciting story, and inspiring journey at the forefront of your profile plays a major part!

Although people might love different celebrities or Hollywood actresses, they will never relate to them as much as they relate to daily human connection and personal stories from someone just like them. Your voice and your point of view are what make your profile stand apart from the competition. It might feel awkward at first (oh, it does, we know it, haha), but you truly, TRULY need to leverage your authenticity and take advantage of what makes you special.

Instagram is still changing… And growing.

1 minute long Instagram stories, new options for reels, IG video, collaborations, link stickers… Should we go on? The list of the updates 2021 has brought is really LONG! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT! Without the new features, our profiles wouldn’t have taken off as effectively or quickly if we’d just had regular posts. 

Some people say getting discovered is more complicated than ever – but that’s not necessarily true for everyone. Hashtags still do wonders, you just need to know how to use them most strategically. Reels give you extra exposure. IG Video gives you plenty of opportunities. We’ll dive into all of them in the upcoming posts.

Guidance is easily accessible – and you’re more ready than ever, right? 

Look, there never was a completely easy time to start growing on Instagram, it’s not a piece of cake, especially if you’re a first-time Instagrammer. Doing your best to grow on the ‘Gram means repeatedly failing until you test everything out, find out what works for YOUR ACCOUNT and your community, and finally, get it right. Sure, doing so feels safer when the competition is smaller, but you can turn that into an advantage as well, and there are many sources of credible guides on how to make your content SEEN by your target audience. Because there always comes the point where you can’t grow anymore as an Instagram creator without the help of someone more pro, someone with a fresh perspective to give you clear hints on what’s working and what’s not, so that you can manage and market your content better, and better. Not only is it good for your profile, but it’s also good for your calmness and happiness.

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And here we come! Don’t you forget you have us – Display Purpose marketing team, always ready to share our Instagram knowledge, reveal the secret sauce, and help you craft the ideal strategy to grow using organic methods. Together we’ll draft up your bulletproof blueprint for the upcoming year, and if you stick to this plan, YOU’LL ROCK! We’ve also negotiated a great deal with IQ Hashtags – now you can get their in-depth audit for less than 89$, and believe us: it’s a true game-changer for anyone needing guidance and insights from trusted Instagram strategists. They can review your account: once they have a clear idea of where you’re at, they’ll note down all their powerful suggestions on how you can optimize your profile and your content for more views and more engaged followers from your target audience. That’s the REAL help because you can get customized optimization solutions analyzed to work for you and your profile.

2022 is the year you decide to stop spending this one EXTREMELY precious life, putting your Instagram growth off until “someday in the future, maybe later”! 2022 is the year you begin to take control of the potential your storytelling and your content have! You need to finally believe that you’re worth growing your IG.

Instagram Guide how to grow on instagram 2021

Notes to take away!

When our friends and clients ask us for advice on whether they should start growing their IG in 2022, and whether it’s not too late, here’s what we tell them: GO FOR IT. Growing your account can be a great way for you to expand and make more money, position yourself as an expert, and get incredible opportunities you’ve never dreamed of. Being an Instagram creator as a career path is not an overnight magical make-money-quick option, but it is a HUGE opportunity if you’re willing to sacrifice some energy, put foundational work in, and find out how to make the most of hashtags. 

But if your question still is: “Will Instagramming be dead in 2022?”, then the answer is most definitely a very loud NO. If you want to dive more into taking your growth to the next level, keep up with our posts and Instagram lessons. We’re always here to help and guide you, and don’t forget – hashtags are the creme de la creme of getting discovered by your ideal followers! 

Have any questions we haven’t answered, ask below, and we’ll talk about them in the upcoming articles!