4 psychological reasons why people click the follow button

what makes people follow you

Have you ever wondered why people choose to follow you? What is the main factor why they decide to stay with you longer? Your followers are human, and it means that behind every behavior lies a specific psychological aspect. Today, we’ll dive deeper into why you’re attracting your followers and what is encouraging them to consider you an exceptional creator worth their time and attention. Let’s research why your content resonates with them – and how you can make the most of this knowledge. 

Instagram Guide how to grow on instagram 2021

When someone decides to hit the follow button it means, this person would like to see more content from you, stay updated with your news, and be connected with you. Instagram is full of diverse types of content – so what makes people choose you? What exactly makes them click this follow button? 

Sounds like an intriguing topic? We’re about to share everything we learned with you. Let’s start right from the beginning, shall we?

You’re an expert in a field that interests them

The human mind aims simulation. It needs motivation and new perspectives. That’s why we like the idea of consuming content that can teach us something new and train our skills – especially the ones giving us a chance for better job options or the ones connected to our spare time interests. 

You don’t have to have a master’s degree or have finished thousands of courses to be an authentic expert in a particular domain and share worthwhile insights. You can be a vegan with a deep love for nuts and share recipes based on them – other vegans will adore you for that. You can have been practicing singing since you were twelve and share meaningful voice and vocal cords exercises. You can run an Etsy shop as your side hustle and write guides on how to earn money besides a 9-5 job. 

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The best idea to become a reliable expert, keep the knowledge updated and keep up with the news? Reading. When you want to share practical tips and tricks that will genuinely interest people, follow other creators and gurus from your niche. The more knowledge you possess, the more valuable insights you can provide. Self-development will have an immediate impact on your ability to create meaningful content for your target audience. 

Self-development should include professional and personal development as well – because, let’s face the truth: it’s not only about the expertise you’re sharing, it’s also about the way you present it and the way you can maintain communication with your followers. It doesn’t demand a huge effort to take your Instagram content marketing to the next level.

Educational content is positioning remarkably high in different rankings and charts – keep in mind that people are driven by self-centered needs – and they often seek content that can benefit them. 

They want to be into the latest discoveries or trends from a particular area, so they follow creators who belong to that niche. People aim to follow accounts that give them perspectives on life. We interviewed some of our friends, and they said: we want to learn new things! Instagram is full of ambitious people seeking new possibilities, growth, or considering changing the career path (so they need new qualifications).

Instagram Guide how to grow on instagram 2021


They like you as a person because of your personal traits

Many people admit: I observe the creators’ personality and how they treat their audience. The reason is they’re looking for authentic connections – authors they can relate to, the ones with a similar sense of humor, similar interests, or resembling lifestyle. The same values, the same taste in clothes, similar traveling patterns or budget.

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What also counts? Authenticity and vulnerability. They’re looking for real people with genuine emotions they’re not afraid to show on-line.

“I need to feel aligned with the message or life purpose creators are sharing” that’s the insight from one of our friends. 

What’s also more than crucial? Replying to comments or at least liking them. Your followers need to know you notice them, and you read what they’re trying to tell you. 

Your personality matters more than you think – so don’t be afraid to show more of it!

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You’re living the life they dream of 

Commercials sell dreams – that’s the basis of marketing. But it doesn’t only apply to commercials – yes, it involves Instagram as well. A psychological point of view shows that we often decide to follow somebody’s activities because we want to observe and draw conclusions on how we can achieve similar success or start living a resembling lifestyle.

We tend to follow creators who give us hope that it’s also possible for us.

Living on an island with a good paid remote job? Moving to France and eating breakfast with an Eiffel Tour view on each weekend? Becoming a self-taught graphic designer? Raising your rates so you can live a better life and stop feeling underappreciated? People like to see real-life examples that their dreams are valid and there is someone out there making them come true: so it’s doable and real. 

You’re giving them aesthetical pleasure 

For some people who are aesthetes (and all of us are to some extent, don’t forget that!), visual attraction is more important than anything else. We’ve researched our friends, clients, and our community and asked several people why they follow their favorite creators. One answer was really interesting: “because they stick to the theme, so I always know what colors and what style of photos to expect.” It’s a clear sign that aesthetic consistency plays a significant role as well. 

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Moreover, people don’t like photos that are too photoshopped – we’ll discuss Instagram photo editing trends in one of the upcoming posts. You need to realize that natural, light photos are still trending, and many audiences tend to enjoy them a lot.

Another answer that was really common during our research: high-quality photos. Not only photos. People also value minimalistic graphics or professional-looking carousels. What counts the most for aesthetes? That’s not really surprising – frequently, the first impression.

How to overcome low reach

What about you – what makes you click that follow button when you’re seeing someone’s profile for the first time? And what type of content do you like to create the most: do you prefer focusing on the aesthetic side, the informational side when you’re sharing secret sauce secrets from your industry, or maybe you like sharing the funny side of your personality the most? Don’t forget reasons why people follow you should be the center of your Instagram content marketing strategy. 

PS: We’ll be diving much deeper into the topics about defining your target audience and niching down, so stay tuned for lots of credible materials coming this way!