4 reasons why being consistent with your posting on Instagram can EXTREMELY boost your engagement – and 5 steps to be better at it!

How to Stay Consistent on Instagram?

You know what they say: consistency is the key. We’ve bet you’ve heard that before a hundred million times! What’s more: we know exactly how you react to these words. We’re more than sure you get an allergic reaction every time you hear them.

Okay, let’s admit it, cap in hand: marketing experts repeat it way TOO OFTEN. Although, at the same time, it’s hard to deny it: if you can create the habit of posting consistently, you’ve got a beneficial foundation as an Instagram creator (and content marketing specialist in spe!). If you struggle to get enough time for uploading your photos and graphics, you permanently keep putting it off and you can never seem to create new content when you plan to sit down and do it… All kidding aside: you need to work on forming the habit of posting more consistently. It will pay off. 

Managing an Instagram profile and being consistent with all the social media tasks can be draining at times, and you may fight the dangerous urge to give up. But hey, keep in mind that there is no such a thing as an overnight success, so it’s the only way! One of our fav creators Maddi Prettyman, has admitted lately: even if overnight popularity occurs, it very rarely goes hand in hand with long-lasting results. Being successful on Instagram is not luck – it takes hard work, dedication, and discipline. And posting consistently! Yup. After all, it’s all about finding your groove and staying consistent.


Instagram Guide how to grow on instagram 2021

But wait – will posting more consistently actually boost my engagement and attract new followers?

By sticking to your posting schedule, you’re essentially letting your current and potential followers know that they can count on you, you’re not going to disappear like many burn-out creators do at least once a month, and they notice what they can expect from you. It matters. It may sound like a giant, overly time-consuming challenge, so let us explain: consistency looks a bit different for everyone: you can promise yourself that you’re going to create daily instastories, post new reels twice a week, or upload new regular posts three times a week. It’s up to you – choose the schedule that won’t overwhelm you! 

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Do you need more reasons to stay consistent? As we’ve observed: the most effective motivation is inspiration. Analyze others who’ve been successful! Notice what they do. Are they posting consistently or rather once in a while? We guess you already know the answer. Do you need more plus points: why staying consistent multiplies your chances for quicker growth?

  • Your photography and graphic design skills will improve simply from the amount of practice you’ll be getting.
  • You’ll write much better, more engaging captions over a month or a year. Practice makes the master! Believe us: you’ll get better and better at content creating, and the results can be prodigious.
  • Creating (and sticking to) a posting schedule can effectively improve your time management, so you have more time for different business-oriented challenges!
  • You’ll feel better and better about your posting consistency, which in turn will motivate you to keep going.
  • You’ll solve the problems of your target audience much more effectively 



Now the question is… How to maintain good consistency?

We’ve rounded up some expert tips & tricks to make the process easier and more comfortable. Yup. We’re covering everything we know below, along with some little-known hacks you can use! Let’s go!

1 // Your content strategy

First things first. Before you start analyzing your posting schedule, you need to know what you are using Instagram for. Is it a place where you express your personal creativity, a professional profile where you manage your business-related topics, a strategic place to connect with potential clients?

This is a crucial step because it will allow you to understand and picture your ideal content plan. You will have an idea of what content you need to post, what you need to create more often, what your target audience needs, and what can speed along your growth in practice – not only in theory.

Take the time you need to analyze it, do research, see what specific topics speak to you, and what are the things you love the most to write about. What can you teach your followers? 

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Too many similar posts will become too stale. Mix the ideas up! Consider the purpose of each post, reels, Instagram stories. Why? You need content that appeals to your followers, potential followers, clients, and potential clients. Create three-four quadrants from which to share throughout the week.

For example:

  1. Pros of using your products/services (examples from real life, tips&tricks, information shared in a non-salesy way)
  2. Showcase your knowledge! Educational posts are still the key to make your followers stay with you
  3. Entertainment (good memes, funny facts from your industry and inspirations)

And as Adam Mosseri recently announced, Instagram is no longer just “a photo-sharing app,” soit’s a beneficial idea to start incorporating more video content in your strategy as well!

2 // Plan AHEAD

The truth isn’t always rose-tinted: keeping a consistent posting schedule isn’t the easiest thing to do. When you’re juggling taking photos, creating graphics, preparing engaging captions, keeping up with social media trends alongside other business duties, it all can become a bit stifling. That’s when planning ahead comes in handy. By planning your posts in advance, you can get content out even when you’re super busy or you simply don’t feel well. It’s a massive time-saver! 

As we mentioned above: it’s really helpful to choose several topics you can create content about and work around them! Let’s prepare a series of ideas that identify your content strategy concepts.

How to start planning? Choose one day from the week (or a month) when you have time to plan everything related to your posting patterns and content creation plans. Decide how consistent you are going to be! Believe us: it will keep you motivated and what’s even more critical: organized to keep your word and achieve your consistency goals. The planning process should involve analyzing your answers to these questions:

  • How many times a week do you want to post?
  • Plan which days you are going to work on creating new content
  • Is it more comfortable for you to schedule posts on a weekly or monthly basis? 
  • Are you able to post daily stories, or do you prefer to do it 2-4 times a week?
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Our pro tip: Experiment with a posting frequency and see how your followers respond! Observe the results, analyze stats. If you see an increase of engagement from posting daily — it may be beneficial to keep posting that way!

3 // Emergency ideas

When you’re super busy and different deadlines are calling, it’s really hard to focus and come up with some new hook worthy captions with creative CTAs. C’est la vie, as french people call it! The reality of consistent content-creating looks a bit like this: in order to be consistent with your content creation, you need to be constantly inspired.

And that’s not so obvious.

Sometimes fancy ideas come when you least expect them! That’s why every time you get any new idea, you should write it down IMMEDIATELY. You’ll need it later! You surely will. Keep a little notebook, and take it with you everywhere you go. Thank us later.


4 // Brainstorming sessions 

From our own experience: inspiring ideas start with good brainstorming sessions with friends or co-workers really often! Vivid conversation with them can be the start of the next brilliant post-series and excellent concepts for highly converting content. Talk with inspiring people – that’s the underrated source of new strategies and outstanding ideas.

5 // Find your motivation

Find your motivations, and NEVER LET THEM GO. What are your reasons for wanting to grow your Instagram? What motivates you to keep posting? What will truly keep you motivated when you don’t feel like creating new content? Knowing your motivations is the key, and it’s best to write them down and look at them every time you feel a bit down. 

Instagram Guide how to grow on instagram 2021

That’s all for today! We hope these tips help you be more consistent with posting. Remember that ultimately everything comes down to being passionate about what you are trying to create and engaging with people who need your insights! Whatever you decide, it’s authentically beneficial to be consistent. It works – welcome your new followers with open arms!