6 things you need to include in your Instagram BIO to turn it into a magnet for new followers!

instagram bio what to write

In case you didn’t already know… your BIO is a bit like your global CV. It’s your profile’s identity in the Instagram world, and it is definitely something your potential followers will judge you on. A psychological study says that you only have around 7-8 seconds to grab a user’s attention before they lose their complete focus and look elsewhere! Yup. That’s clearly not a long time. So how can you grab their attention at first sight without looking desperate? How to make them intrigued? And grab enough attention, so they finally click the follow button?

How can you write a BIO that makes people curious about you?

Don’t be scared – we won’t talk about any hard-and-fast rules. Why? Because the first rule is: you can’t be afraid to experiment here!

It takes a little bit of trial and error to find the BIO that unquestionably vibes with you.

You can’t be boring – that’s rule number two. We’re 101% sure you aren’t, so we need to use all your charm and find the best words to describe what you’re doing. And why your potential followers should stay with you. Hold on tight. We’re going to give you some tips and tricks to keep in mind when tackling your new BIO. We’ll be writing the word magic for your profile. 

Today you’ll learn:

  • how to transform your regular BIO into a short description that makes people stay with you
  • all the BIO writing do’s and don’ts
  • how to evoke your potential followers’ emotions
  • how to make your BIO really powerful
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Ready? Let’s do this! 

Instagram Guide how to grow on instagram 2021


A pilot? Vegan pasta enthusiast? Marketing coach? Vintage fashion lover? Graphic design solopreneur? Boutique owner?

That’s the first information your potential followers will look for. So what should you do? Let them find the information they want. Quickly. That’s why it should stand first, according to the information architecture. 

People don’t want to THINK MORE to figure out who you are and how they can relate. 

They want relevant information to jump out in front of them and say: “This is who I am, this is what I am doing”.


Basically, your goal is to get your potential followers feeling intrigued and curious when they land on your profile. Not overwhelmed – so you can’t make them guess whether they need you in their life or… Not. 

To stand out and be sure your BIO is highly intriguing for all the short-attention-spanned people, it should include a promise. Why is following you beneficial? Do you have the power to make someone’s life better? Teach them something, inspire, encourage? Let them know.

That can be your ultimate ace in the hole, don’t hide it anymore.


Words can be persuasive, inspiring, and impactful, but if you are not asking your tribe to do something at the end, most probably, it’s not engaging enough. We’re sure you’ve heard about CTAs before, but the one if your BIO needs to be extremely short and sweet. Take a moment to understand your potential follower’s thought sequence and make it work in your favor. 

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If you are selling vegan recipes, asking your followers to “buy now” is a bit overblown. Instead, consider something like “Try the most delicious kale risotto” or “Do you want to join my vegan army?”

Yup. Make it sound friendly and welcoming. People love to be a part of something – invite them! 


If you want your followers to read your articles, only ask them to read.

You don’t want to ask them to visit your cooking portfolio, sign up for your freebie course, sign up for your newsletter, check your shop, and write you an email to book a 1:1 session. The more available options they have, the less likely they are to take ANY action.

All kidding aside, this is a proven psychological study.


Once again, because that’s REALLY important. When preparing your highly intriguing BIO, remember to answer these questions:

1. Who are you? Can an 8-year-old understand who you are based on your BIO?

 2. Why? Why should new people follow you? What are they going to get? What are the benefits you can offer?

3. Why your profile? What makes your profile different from your competitors? Why should they follow you and not your competitors who do the same thing?

Your potential followers are constantly asking themselves: What exactly do I get from following this profile? Will it make my life better? Do I really need this creator in my life?

If you want to win their attention and that one precious “follow” click, you need to be able to answer these questions. In a nutshell. 

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Your BIO is really about them, not you

Are you bringing a fresh solution to a stressful struggle? Your potential followers are reading your BIO because they are looking for a connection between themselves and you. So take it, give them a reason to choose your profile, your content – through your charm, your content’s quality, authenticity, and your storytelling. 


Unfortunately, we all have a short attention span, so it’s crucial to make sure your BIO is intriguing enough for someone in a rush. Your BIO is not all about you. This is your MAIN chance to tell your potential followers who you are, AND WHY THEY SHOULD STAY WITH YOU.

Alright, that’s all for today! What do you think?? Are you planning on creating a new BIO? Will you modify your current one?

Ps. If you’ve got any Instagram-related questions or have anything you want to learn more about, let us know—we love hearing from you!